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  • No : 287
  • Release Date : 2022/01/20 18:00
  • Update Date : 2022/03/26 19:00
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The characters' mouths are not moving anymore.

The character's mouth has stopped moving on the Home screen and other sections.
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The character's mouth movement in the Home screen and lessons is dependent on the player's voice volume settings.
Note: The mouth movement in the story does not change regardless of the user's voice volume settings.
If the character's mouth suddenly stops moving or movement becomes limited, please check to see if the Voice option in the settings is turned OFF, or if the volume is set to LOW.
● [Step-by-Step Guide]
1. Tap the Settings icon on the left side of the Home screen
2. Tap the Config icon
3. Adjust Voice in Volume at the bottom of A/V Settings
Note: If Voice Volume is set to OFF or LOW, the mouth movement may be too small to see.
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