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In FAQ Section 『 Usage Environment 』

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  • I would like to know about the system...

    Please check the system requirements below before you start playing Disney Twisted-Wonderland. * The listed system requirements do not necessarily g... Display Details

    • No:290
    • Release Date:2022/01/20 18:00
    • Update Date:2022/04/05 02:00
  • I cannot install the app.

    If you are unable to install the app, the following issues may need to be addressed: ・ If your device and OS are not compatible with the app, you may be... Display Details

    • No:288
    • Release Date:2022/01/20 18:00
  • Can I play the game on untested devices?

    The game may be played on untested devices if you can download it from the App Store or Google Play, but we cannot guarantee that the app will work as intend... Display Details

    • No:289
    • Release Date:2022/01/20 18:00

Displaying Result(s) 1-3 of 3