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  • Send Date : 2023/12/21 01:00

Regarding Account Deletion

Thank you for playing Disney Twisted-Wonderland.
In accordance with the app distribution stores' policy, we have added an account deletion feature. 
After deleting the account, the transfer password, along with any connections to other accounts, are unable to be recovered. 
Please be aware that once an account has been deleted, we are unable to retrieve that account or accept any requests for a refund of paid Gems. 
If you are sure you wish to permanently delete your account, follow these steps: 
Title Screen > Menu > Delete Account
You are able to resume the game from the previous state by using a transfer password or by linking your account in case you uninstall the app.

If you think there is a chance of playing the game in the future, we highly recommend setting a transfer password and uninstalling the app instead of using the account deletion feature.
We hope you continue to enjoy Disney Twisted-Wonderland.