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  • Release Date : 2021/12/17 15:00
  • Update Date : 2022/01/21 11:45
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Can I recover my data using an external backup feature?

Can I recover my saved game data from a backup?
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Backup functions tied to your device, such as iCloud, cannot be used to recover lost save data.
Some devices may have functions that can recover game data, but unexpected errors may occur. It is highly recommended that you use the in-game data transfer system to recover your save data.
Please refer to the following section for more information. Setting up the in-game transfer system allows you to recover save data when changing devices or if the save data is lost.
Note: Please set a password in advance if you wish to recover data when changing devices or if you potentially lose your save data. 
Make a note of the Transfer ID and password for future use.
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