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  • Release Date : 2021/12/17 15:00
  • Update Date : 2022/01/20 18:28
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Guaranteed SSR Summon Count

What is Guaranteed SSR Summon Count?
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Each Summon's SSR gauge fills up as you summon. When you perform Summons 100 times on the same Summon showcase, your 100th Summon will be guaranteed to be an SSR-rarity card.
The SSR card summoned in this manner will be randomly selected from the SSR cards available on that Summon showcase.
Single Summons raise the counter by 1, and tenfold Summons raise the counter by 10.
Even if you summon an SSR card before hitting 100 on the guaranteed SSR gauge, the gauge will NOT reset. If the gauge reaches 100 and you get an SSR Card, the guaranteed SSR card gauge will reset to 0.
Note: If you receive duplicates of cards you already own, extra copies will automatically be used to uncap the card you own until they reach uncapping level 5 (4 extra cards used).
When you obtain a card via Summons that is already fully uncapped, you will obtain an awakening perfume of that card's rarity instead.
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