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  • Release Date : 2022/01/20 18:00
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I did not receive my login bonus.

I did not receive a login bonus on a particular day.
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Login bonuses begin from Day 1. You can receive all offered rewards by logging in for 6 consecutive days from Day 1.
If you fail to login even one day for these 7 consecutive days, you cannot receive the 7th day login bonus.

Note: Regardless of how many login bonuses you have earned, login bonuses will be reset 6 days after receiving the 1st day login bonus.
If you have received the 1st day login bonus on January 1st but failed to receive the login bonus on January 2nd, you are not eligible for the 7th day login bonus on January 8th, even if you have consecutively logged in from January 3rd to 8th. 
Another Login bonus will begin on January 8th.
In addition, the login bonus is only counted when you go to the Home screen, so please do not forget to do so.
If you can't find the answer to your problem in our FAQ, please contact us using the inquiry form below.