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  • No : 283
  • Release Date : 2022/01/20 18:00
  • Update Date : 2022/03/28 19:21
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I experienced graphic and/or voice errors.

Images are not displaying properly and/or voices are not playing properly
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If images and voices are distorted or do not display properly, please try the following methods. 
・Go to Misc. on the left side of the Home screen and tap the Config icon.
・Select Data Management on the right side of the screen and try Download all data and Clear cache.
The options to Download all data and/or switching Voice from OFF to ON consume a lot of data, so we recommend performing either option only with a stable internet connection, such as through Wi-Fi.
Note 1: Downloading all data can fix issues with images not displaying or sounds not playing.
Note 2: Clearing your cache can fix issues with images that appear improperly.
Please note that while Main stories are fully voiced, both the Personal stories and Chat stories are not. 
If you can't find the answer to your problem in our FAQ, please contact us using the inquiry form below.