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  • Release Date : 2022/01/20 18:00
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Prohibited actions

What actions are considered prohibited actions?
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In the interest of ensuring that every player can have an enjoyable experience, we will take action in the event of any illicit activities or inappropriate behavior.

Please be aware that we will take corrective measures, including banning offending accounts, for the following offenses.
[Prohibited Actions]
・Any breach of the game's Terms of Use
・Excessive server requests that overload the server
・Unauthorized server access that puts the game service or other users at a disadvantage
・Any harassment of other players, including harmful language
・Illicit activity to exploit bugs in programming (i.e. performing an action maliciously to obtain items via improper means, etc.), as well as abetting such behavior (including instances where administrators deem that a player exploited a bug intentionally) in ways that impede or directly harm the game's service and player experience
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